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You are inspired to share your art and ideas by stepping onto the stages of the world. Whether you’re a stage or film actor, dancer, musician, a public speaker, a power or performance artist.


Your profession or avocation demands that you speak with power, audibility, and expressiveness.

Your unified sense of self, your awareness of interplay between body, vice and environment are your primary instruments for being remarkable, for creating what you aspire to in every performance. 

Caring for your voice & yourself — fully joining the forces of your body and your voice — make your performances both powerful in the moment and sustainable over time. 

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former student  Beccs  (singer/songwriter)

former student Beccs (singer/songwriter)

My time learning with Katie Bull was paramount to not only my growth as a singer but in my growth as a woman grounded in her body. With a unique depth of sensibility, Katie taught me how to breathe in such a way that connected my voice to a range and power source I never knew I had. This translated well beyond the stage. She helped me embody my voice —and through that work, helped me heal from old fears and traumas lodged in my body. It’s so rare to find a teacher who has the methodical layout to help your body habitualize the technique but also the intuition to guide your body through spiritual breakthroughs. Not only did my work with Katie open up a myriad of sonic possibilities and textures for me as a recording artist, but it inspired me to actually begin teaching.
Beccs - Singer/Songwriter & Singing Teacher