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First Listening of "The Hope Etudes"

Despair demands less of us, it’s more predictable, and in a sad way safer. Authentic hope requires clarity —seeing the troubles in this world—and imagination, seeing what might lie beyond these situations that are perhaps not inevitable and immutable.
— Rebecca Solnit

Katie Bull:

new jazz vocal compositions & upending takes on standards

7:30 pm—8:30 pm

One long set of The Katie Bull Group Project: “The Hope Etudes.” 

Katie Bull, vocals and new compositions; 
Mara Rosenbloom, piano; Joe Fonda, bass; 
George Schuller, drums; Jeff Lederer, saxophones. 

Middle Collegiate Church, NYC
Community Room/Performance space
Side entrance: 50 East 7th Street Off 2nd Avenue
(downstairs; elevator accessible) 




If you share the vision of a warm and intimate jazz hang where the joy of new jazz music can truly bring people together in circles of connectivity during these trying times, then join us! That's what we want to cultivate! 

On Friday February 1st, from 7:30—8:30 pm, The KBGP is re-entering/returning to performing after a two year break! My band, the Katie Bull Group Project, will share a one hour long/one-set only night of my original compositions from the album we plan to record in 2019: "The Hope Etudes" which I wrote while on hiatus! We need you to complete this music circle! Come join us for an intimate pop-up jazz-hang in the warm vibrations of the MCC Community Room, a performance space downstairs in the Middle Collegiate Church, 50 East 7th Street off 2nd Ave, in the East Village of Manhattan. There is no ticket or cover fee; donations are voluntary and will help cover refreshments. Light refreshments will be offered with a relaxed party-style welcome!  —xo Katie 

After a hiatus from performing for two years Katie is excited to rejoin/return to sharing music, love and light with KBGP! Our more-than-ten-year-long core collaboration of Katie BULL, bassist Joe FONDA, drummer George SCHULLER and saxophone player Jeff LEDERER welcomes a fantastic new piano player, the cutting-edge and indescribable Mara ROSENBLOOM! 

THE MUSIC: "Despair demands less of us, it’s more predictable, and in a sad way safer. Authentic hope requires clarity—seeing the troubles in this world—and imagination, seeing what might lie beyond these situations that are perhaps not inevitable and immutable." - Rebecca Solnit, Hope In the Dark. During my time on hiatus I read Solnit's book, Hope In the Dark. My "Hope Etudes" are inspired by the intentionality of cultivating hope in dark times. Each new song was composed from a practice of improvising at the piano allowing all thoughts, images and feelings to arise. I developed the musical moments when sensations of hope emerged.

THE SPACE: The MCC performance space is near and dear to Katie's heart and couldn't be a better portal for the band's re-entry! The MCC performance space in the Community Room was where Katie produced numerous inter-arts events for years! Katie discovered the very special space while attending the progressive, bravely political and life affirming services at Middle, led by minister Gordon Draft and the following minister Jacqui Lewis. This feels all new (the space has been beautifully renovated) and also - like coming home. Middle has a long-standing relationship of support for jazz; you will feel it in the air!”




Ms. Bull, a lyrically and musically adventurous jazz vocalist, has a new album, ‘All Hot Bodies Radiate,’ that captures the intense breadth of her artistry.
Nate Chinen, The New York Times

"...very imaginative... [Bull] demonstrates that her composing is as adventurous as her vocal improvisations... a gem, combining elements of avant garde jazz and alternative rock in a way that could be described as Sheila Jordan meets Courtney Love." – Alex HendersonNew York City Jazz Record

"Sparks of Marc Moulin’s Placebo and George Dukes’ 'Liberated Fantasies’ flood through the memory banks listening to 'The Drive To Woodstock' - a song on Katie Bull’s new album 'All Hot Bodies Radiate’.  A highlight of 2015 that touches this listener as if unearthed from the deepest ocean of jazz-fusion.” – Steve WilliamsUK Vibe

"Bull is a poet, singer and composer of significance - expressive, passionate and imaginative..." – Rigobert DittmannBad Alchemy Magazine (Germany)

“I love Katie Bull's new CD, All Hot Bodies Radiate.  Thoughtful lyrics artfully rendered through graceful music arrangements. And the band – saxophonist Jeff Lederer, keyboardist Landon Knoblock, bassist Joe Fonda and drummer George Schuller – is tight! Or to put it another way, all hot bodies, radiating.” – Bob RogersTaintradio

“She is a poet, a finely honed instrument, a force in the improvisatory arts. And the band works with her to create something unifed and strong, new and ahead yet rooted and structured.  She is a vocalist and artist of completion and broad horizons, a great phraser, a golden instrument and a poet-composer and bandleader that comes through here with beautiful artistry.  She is at the top of her game.  And it’s a great game!” – Gregory Applegate EdwardsGapplegate Music Review

"Listen carefully to Katie Bull’s adventurous and exciting music. It reminds me of the approach that composer Kurt Weill brought to the plays of German author Bertolt Brecht." – Jürg SommerSchweiz am Sonntag (Switzerland)

“Out of the versatility and technical finesse of these crazy cool compositions the band has achieved everything.... A great Christmas gift!” – Volkmar ManteiRagazzi Music (Germany)

“Bull's music is characterized by drama and a desire to push the frontiers of performance…. It has a strong melodic foundation, like that of Mose Allison or Ben Sidran. With her team of moderately free jazz-oriented musicians, she has created a varied offering with the refreshing and wild spark of saxophonist Jeff Lederer…” – Allan SommerJazz Special (Denmark)

"Bull is a singing poet, a writer of yearning, evocative verse that reads as good as it sounds. Delivered freely and fearlessly in a kind of Italianate recitative, melodic talk-singing, interspersed with pleasing vocal noises, Bull's ballads take a modernist step beyond anything you've heard previously." – Michael Konik,www.michaelkonik.com

"This is the fifth album from the New York singer and songwriter Katie Bull, whose expressive reach ranges from a not excessively orthodox vocal jazz to an infiltration of contemporary music….so-to-speak prog song." – Alberto BazzurroAll About Jazz Italia

"A nice change from the usual renditions of standards, however pleasant those are. This album is a reminder of what real vocal jazz can be-edgy and inventive." – Charles HussonHawaii Public Radio

 "With some singers, the record goes on and you think 'Very nice' or 'A little bit like Sarah V, a little touch of Billie . . .' and the next thing you know you're in another room doing something else entirely. Put on All Hot Bodies Radiate, though, and everything stops, including the urge to make that kind of comparison. Katie Bull writes arresting, original songs, full of presence and atmosphere, and as the Strindberg borrowing (Ghost Sonata) suggests, each one is a little stage-play, as great songs should always be." – writer and broadcaster Brian Morton, UK

 “Lyrically and vocally I find Katie Bull continually pushing the comfort zone with a gentle swagger and venturesomeness in her delivery. She is subtle but with a fulsome poetic sensitiveness.  She is more than ably supported by the players on the record who respond with grace, intuitiveness and imaginative creativity.” – John Hammell, Mozart to Motorhead radio show, HomegrownradioNJ & ChestnutRadio

 "Katie is rightly celebrated for her wildly unpredictable lyrics and surprising melodies, which honor the best traditions of improvisation and musical adventure.  But as a result, she has been insufficiently praised for her exceptional talents as a singer and her way of integrating her vocal stylings with the music produced by her band of fine, open-eared musicians.  The result is a wonder of jazz vocal music that is unique and deeply appealing." – Fritz ByersWGTE-FM

 "Forget everything you've heard about categories or - more precisely - about imaginary boundaries dividing the kingdoms of jazz and singer-songwriting. There are none. If you don't believe that, listen to Katie Bull’s new album ‘All Hot Bodies Radiate’ and I'm quite sure: After a few minutes you'll follow me. Of course she's still on "the road to Woodstock", her lyrics are still provocative and mind-stimulating - and her message of love and taste needs no boundaries. Great stuff!" – Rainer Bratfisch, Berlin

 “Vocalist Katie Bull and her cast of intrepid cohorts take you on a wild ride. Her vocal gymnastics are matched by her fearless lyrics. This is not your pedestrian jazz. Certainly not for the sleepy listeners. She challenges‹ you at every turn and it's all for your delight and edification. Prepare to be tele- transported to the next level.” – Joyce The Voice, WMFO Radio 

“Fortunately I’ve had the opportunity to learn about independent singers from the US like Katie Bull and Virginia Scheck. I seldom play the music of singers from major labels on my show because they act predictable and they also sound mainstream. Katie Bull has developed her own highly original, recognizable style. She surrounds herself with very interesting sidemen. Last but not least, improvizing isn't only the icing on the cake for her but as an integral part of her music. These are the reasons Katie Bull brings me back the pleasure of listening to female vocals.” – Constantin Sieg, Jazz-Zeit, Radio Unerhört (Marburg, Germany)

“Katie Bull's new CD is a great collaboration between improvisers. Together with avant-garde luminaries such as Joe Fonda on the double-bass and George Schuller on the drums, the vocalist clearly demonstrates her talent in delivering original compositions which would easily compete with any arrangement of a regular jazz standard.” – Pascal Dorban, Radio ARA (Luxembourg)

"This is a fast ball down the middle for all avant garde ears - especially those that like the descendant of the 50s jazz and poetry movement." – Chris SpectorMidwest Record 

“…creative and vital, stylistically from Bop to the Chanson à la Brecht-Weill. – Herbert IckerottJazz Podium (Germany)

"A fine jazz recording with provocative lyrics." – Cadence Magazine

“5-stars for Katie Bull. One of the best and most surprising jazz vocal albums of 2015. She is a brilliant improvisational singer and her voice and compositions take the listener through unexpected twists and turns that are surprising and exhilarating. Hip, modern, and exciting!” – Jerry GordonWRPB Radio

“It is no surprise that Katie Bull was inspired and deeply moved by her mentor Sheila Jordan in her jazz waltz. On her latest release, All Hot Bodies Radiate, she continues to impress the masses with songs that ooze with soul, instrumentation that nails it and an overall aura that you’re listening to a wise soul sing the truth. Katie feels this world deeply and her music mimics the way she lives .. fulla good love.” – Joe Dimino, KCXL & Neon Jazz Radio

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