environmental advocacy &
Inter-Arts Works

Katie has been producing hybrid-arts (inter-disciplinary arts) events for many years. She is currently dedicated to the intersections of art & environmental activism. Her current producing project, Climate Force, brings inter-disciplinary artists & earth activists together to help spread earth justice awareness, action & performer-audience unity, for the protection of our earth.


a selection of projects produced or created by Katie Bull



Bull Family Orchestra

an inter-arts company



Katie Bull, vocals
Frank Kimbrough, piano
Michael Jefry Stevens, piano
Joe Fonda, bass
Matt Wilson, drums
Harvey Sorgen, drums
Jeff Lederer, saxophones
David Cast, saxophones
David Phelps, guitar

The Story So Far

a multi-media project including a CD/DVD release

The CD premieres new and uniquely personal compositions by Katie Bull, and fresh takes on classic jazz standards. The DVD, shot & edited by Peter Richards (second camera, Sara James), is a short surreal video translation of a live "dinner event" at Papatzul for the band. The images include a wild "walking dance" by the Bull Family Orchestra inter-arts theater ensemble of movement based improvisational performers on the streets of Soho, in Manhattan. The performers "characters" are drawn from the lyrics in the songs, where the earthly meets the fantastical. Album art by Robert Lemon.



Improvisational Arts Ensembles, Inc.

Katie Bull was Co-Artistic Director of the Improvisational Arts Ensembles, Inc. with Kelly Donovan and Meg Fry, after founder Richard Bull and Cynthia Novack passed away in 1998; together Bull, Donovan, and Fry produced inter-arts improvisation rooted events that continued the tradition established at the Warren Street Performance Loft. Under the IAE umbrella Katie initiated her BFO inter-arts theater company as writer, director, and performer. The Bull Family Orchestra was a core consortium member of IAE (along with the De Facto Dancers, and the Richard Bull Dance Theater Repertory Co., aka RBDT Rep.) for many years. IAE has recently closed activities however,  De Facto continues to produce dance events. BFO is on hiatus, while Katie focuses on jazz singing/composition/band leadership; professional vocal coaching; and jazz & creative writing. She is currently working on a script titled Persephone Spirals Down, and will announce  BFO projects,  as they evolve.  For historical information on IAE or BFO go to www.improvarts.com