Activists &
Earth Lovers

You have a passion for justice, protecting our planet, and fighting for leaders with 21st century solutions.


Your commitment as a professional or volunteer change-agent places unique demands on you and your voice. You’ve chosen not to sit on the sidelines, and you’re often speaking out in environments where it’s difficult to be heard or your voice isn’t welcome. You may continually flirting with exhaustion. 

Your voice and your presence are vital. Take extraordinary care of yourself! Learn to use your voice in a way that amplifies the forces for good — without falling prey to exhaustion and disappointment. 

upcoming classes:

Jan 16th 2019

More to come in February!


“By teaching me how to relate with the energetic qualities of my voice, she gave me the tools to provide a shot of inspiration and energy to those that need it the most, in the moment.”

- Michael Ortiz, Founder/CEO, JoJo Tea

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